Since 1996 Our company started production by setting up the paint factory in September 2019 under the brand of Renkli Kirpi. It continues its production with its qualified staff and modern machines.. The brand of Renkli Kirpi has completed its portfolio at the same speed in parallel with the establishment it has reached during the growth process. Our company has released all product packaging and promotional materials in four different languages ​​and serves both the domestic and foreign markets. Our company has increased its product number to 110 types with years of experience and diligence.


To adapt our products and services to the changing expectations of the society with our knowledge and advancing technology and to satisfy our customers and employees with an understanding of continuous development. To meet customer demands with appropriate product, good service on time and acceptable price. To use our own resources without wasting our energy and inputs and to minimize our waste, to educate our employees to protect nature and the environment. To ensure that our suppliers, common field users and customers operate in a manner that does not threaten the human health & safety and the environment, and to work in cooperation in this regard. To educate and raise the awareness of the employees about the importance of the work done, its effects on the environment and people, occupational diseases, work accidents, and the general approach of the organization to the environment. To prioritize the health of employees and the society in the stages of raw material, product, process or machine equipment, to take necessary precautions by considering possible risks, to minimize and control occupational diseases and work accidents. To comply with and follow all legal regulations.