RK Gold 10KG


This/Our product is high level silicone added,water based,mat textured decorative top coat interior and exterior wall acrylic paint.


*Maximum amount of water can be mixed with this Premium silicone plastic interior and exterior wall paint ,
*It has high closure capacity,
*lt can be wiped gently,
*lt provides complete integration with the applied surface,
*lt has high inhalation property,
*lt doesnot crack,blister or spill over when applied in accordance with building material standards,
*Due to water based, it has no unpleasant odor,
*Environment friendly product.


It is applied on old or new painted ceilings, walls, gypsum, plasterboard, putty, betopan (precast concrete panel), OSB, glass textile surfaces after proper priming process is completed.


*The surfaces to be applied must be smooth and durable.
*The surfaces to be applied must be cleaned from all kinds of dirt, dust, oil and loose layers and necessary surface correction procedures must be done.
*On concrete,exposed concrete and new plastered surfaces setting perion(28days) must be considered.
*lt must be remembered to sand/grind before applying primer on old painted water solvent based surfaces.
*For the first time application of the new plastered interior and exterior surfaces,the interior and exterior and exterior liner must be used before the application of the paint.
*On absorbent and dusty surfaces such as plaster, lime, whitewash, aerated concrete,transparent primer must be applied as a single layerin such a way that it doesnot form a glassy layer on the sueface before grindpapering.
*Donot apply directly on lime.
*ln order to increase the coverage capacity of the paint,on very dirty surfaces,one layer of stain covering paint should be applied and one or two layers of topcoat paint should be applied.
*During the application and until the paint is completely dry,the ambient and surface temperature should be between 5-30 centigrade degrees.
*Applicable with brush ,roller and spraying.


It is recommended to apply in two coats by thinning 20-30 % with clean water in brush and roller applications and 5% with clean water in airless spray providing sufficient film tickness.


Touch dry:30 to 60 minutes at 20 centigrade degree.
Drying duration between layers:4 to 6 hours.
Final drying:24 hours (may vary according to humidility &temperature)


12-16 square meters can be painted in one coat with one liter depending on the type ,absorbency and structure of the surface. A controlled sample work should be done for exact consumption.


lt can be stored for 2 years in its unopened package in a cool and dry place protected from frost and direct sunlight .After use you should immediately close the lid of the package in order to prevent air contact.


(H317) ıt may cause allergic skin reactions
(P101) You must keep packaging or label in case medical advice is required.
(P102) You must keep out of reach of children
(P103) You must red the label before use
(P261) You must avoid breathing
(P280) You must wear protective gloves,protecting clothing,eye protection & face protection materials
(P333-P313) You must get medical attention if skin irrittaion or itching occurs.
(P501) You must dispose of the content in accordance with local/regional/international regulations.

Production date and batch code is on the bucket Valid for 2 years from the date of manufacture:

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